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Match Rifles seem out of place on a predominantly 

handgun oriented website but this is just another aspect of the Liebenberg skill set. Paul applies his machining skills to all things metal and uses Masterclass stocks by Alex Sitman to produce rifles that have garnered National, State, and Regional championships and have set literally dozens of NRA national records in the hands of a number of accomplished shooters.      


Liebenberg Long Guns

Although Paul is known primarily as a 'handgun guy' very few people outside of the long gun world are aware that he is also an extremely accomplished  Match Rifle builder, competitive rifle shooter and trainer in his own right.


Having retired from high level competition in 2019 after being active for ten years, Paul is the only shooter to have won a Camp Perry National Championship in F-TR, a statistic that will likely never change because the NRA National F-Class Championship was only hosted once by the CMP and Camp Perry National Matches. He is a four time Florida State Champion in the discipline and has won the Carlos Hathcock 1000yd Challenge at Camp Lejuene on two occasions.  He has also been awarded over 20 NRA High Power National Records through his competitive rifle careerHe is the head coach, trainer and key founder of the Briley-Nightforce shooting team and continues to be involved in that aspect of the sport. 

It was during his stint at Pachmayr Gun Works where he was exposed to the greatest rifle builders of their time but his drive to build rifles himself  laid dormant until 2009 when he decided to dabble in the craft and the sport as a hobby. His rifles are produced in very limited quantities and are completely 'turn key' at time of sale except for minor adjustments such as length of pull, trigger weights etc. Actions are exclusively by Kelbly's that allows for very precise caliber and barrel switch capability, a driving feature of his hybrid rifle system.


Briley-Nightforce Rifle Team thanks our supporters below for access to their quality product which has allowed us to be as successful as we have been. Please support these companies in your own personal quest for excellence and check out our team Facebook page at Briley-Nightforce. 


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