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'Paul's Vault'

Paul's Vault houses his personal projects that are separate from any regular order loop - designed and handmade to his own taste with no constraints, no timelines, and no rules.

They include personal projects he's had on the bench, tribute pieces to friends and mentors such as Jim Hogue and Armand Swenson, as well as some project specific pieces intended for publication.

Many of these units will be offered for sale once completed 'to the white' so that the new owner can choose the finish. Each of these pistols are one-of-a-kind, hand built exclusively by Paul and will not be duplicated.

Once a piece is released for sale, prospective customers will be guided through the purchase process which you can view here.

The pistol below is a concept nearing completion that will be a key feature in an upcoming coffee table book on Paul's life's work. You can read more about this unique handgun here.  

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