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"It’s fair to ask why I have such an affinity for the Pachmayr Combat Special and why I adopted it and included versions in my own product portfolio. I didn’t 'design' the pistol, I only worked at Pachmayr for a few years before taking on a contractor role with the company. There were number of individuals who came before me who have claim to the development of the handgun and whom I have much respect for, but none were there during my tenure.  

Frank Pachmayr and I developed quite a close relationship over time. Having been in the throes of selling the company when I got there, he admitted to me privately at one point that it was the biggest mistake of his business life. He asked me to make sure that the Combat Special didn’t fade into obscurity, as the company was being taken in a very different direction by the new owners. They believed there were “good guns and bad guns”, and there were many indicators that time was short for pistols in the custom shop under the new regime.


Ultimately I left Pachmayr Gun Works to start Pistol Dynamics and took on the task of completing the remaining guns in-house under contract. I later applied for a copyright on the Combat Special brand and started building various versions of the pistol. Hopefully these pages will serve to keep the light shinning on a truly remarkable Legacy."


Combat Special 

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