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The 1911 pistol is unique in the fact that it is without doubt the most versatile handgun ever designed and produced. It is the ultimate fighting handgun as well as the number one platform of choice for customization and performance enhancement. It is capable of doing anything the user can demand of it, superb target pistol, unequaled practical pistol on the range, in the street and on the battle field and the most beautiful artists canvas for an heirloom piece.

The pistols on these pages represent an overview of the Liebenberg designed and hand built 1911. Often imitated rarely duplicated.     


Please Note: Custom 'bespoke' units as depicted on these pages are for legacy reference only and are no longer available for order through PD Products LLC

Custom Pistols


The Custom 1911

Having had the oppertunity of experiencing the development of both the custom 1911 and practical shooting, Paul, over the last 47 years has seen it all. The birth of IPSC, the dedicated competition and defensive 1911 pistol and the heyday of big money professional shoots.


At the outset there was no Brownell's, no production beavertails, no performance parts to speak of. It was a time of fabrication through necessity and individuals like Jim Hoag, Pachmayr Gun Works, Armand Swenson, David Sheer, Paul and others drove the development of the pistol as circumstances dictated.


Many of the technical features that exist today were birthed back then, punctuating the design foresight of these people. Many of their concepts have been credited to others over time by the uninformed but the fact is that if it wasn't for these initial innovators it would have taken a lot longer for the technology of the 1911 to get where it is today. 


Unfortunately, the true custom 1911 is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, threatened by production parts and hobbyists that will sooner than later obsolete the art. The handguns pictured on this site will hopefully serve as a reference and record of just one of these builders and act as a continuous reminder of unique time in the history of the 1911. 

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