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Pistol Dynamics is extremely focused on the responsible use of firearms. User education and continuous training is paramount in this regard. We believe that offering a doorway to elite trainers and instructors is as important as providing the weapons required to complement the level of the training. Our trainers are not employees of PD Products or Pistol Dynamics. They are independent instructors who we know to be at the very pinnacle of their craft. Please click on the 'Contact' button for more in depth information on their schedules and services.    


Dave Harrington

“Super Dave” Harrington, is a seasoned veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret). S. Dave spent the majority of his 23-year military career involved in both anti & counter terrorism roles, serving in operational positions in the 1st & 3rd Special Forces Groups, and instructional positions at the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center & Schools (Range 37) at Fort Bragg, NC.

S. Dave retired from the U.S. Army Special Forces in June of 2003 and has been conducting Weapons & Tactics Training Operations since 2006, establishing himself as a solid “Tier 1 Instructor” in the private training industry. 

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Gary Juhl

Gary is a former Airborne Ranger in the US Army and highly qualified and well rounded instructor. He holds every NRA instructor certification except for black powder. He has graduated from over a dozen firearms instructor courses from such notable organizations as the SIG Academy, Rangemaster, DTI, Cumberland Tactics, IALEFI, and several others. Gary has trained with a myriad of elite firearms instructors since leaving the army and continues to hone his skills as a shooter, instructor, armorer and gun builder. In addition Gary is an accomplished martial artist and wilderness skills and trauma medicine instructor. 

What to Expect...

Instruction is intense. Full days with high round count. Be ready to absorb a lot of information and be put to the test both mentally and physically. Entry level students will come away with an enormous gain in knowledge, skill enhancement and self confidence. Experienced shooters will leave with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that what ever level they they were at when they began the class will have been significantly enhanced by the end of the training. 

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