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Welcome to Pistol Dynamics 2023 and beyond. Post Covid we've came to understand the level of change the pandemic had on the the world, not the least of which was a massive increase in operating costs for businesses across the board. A number of suppliers, whom we relied on for many years, either closed shop, limited their level of support or simply increased prices past our ability to justify the costs. Like many other specialty businesses we had to make changes in order to continue offering the exclusive hand built pistols we have made for so many years.

The result is that the product we offer and the marketing method to support it has changed. Pistol Dynamics has formulated a fresh business approach that hopefully blends art with the service that customers have come to expect in this new, fast-paced world, at least to the greatest extent possible. We understand that many customers don't have the patience to order products that have extended lead times to delivery, so we are implementing something new for us....  

Pistol Dynamics '23


We have formally discontinued the traditional process of accepting and fulfilling orders for bespoke custom 1911’s. 


During the "pandemic" we were forced to suspend order taking for custom handguns and as of 2023 that decision is now written in stone.  We will only be accepting orders for firearms that are technically complete, in the white and ready for final details and finish to be added. This will reduce time between product exposure on this website and delivery. It will also allow some flexibility for the buyer to select certain available options. As these exclusive pieces become available for sale, they will be featured on a dedicated "Available Now" page.  We will not be offering any kind of pre-order or reservation option on handguns in process, rather they will be sold on a first-come basis. However we will notify those who have subscribed to our email listing when handguns become available. Once a unit has been posted for sale, a price for that pistol and available options will be clearly stated to assist interested parties with a decision to move forward or not. 


These weapons will continue to be individually produced by hand from the ground up and in limited quantity. There are only two qualified gun builders in the shop, and there are no plans to change that in the foreseeable future, so please be patient while we kick these proceedings into gear. Further, to get where we want to go we need to limit the number of models that we make available for sale. We will be drawing on our experience on what customers really want but if we need to make adjustments, we will do so.

To start we will offer three handgun platforms based on our highly regarded 'SCOUT' pistol similar to the unit above. This will include a full size traditional 5" model, a semi-compact 'Commander' model and a 4" 'Officer's' variant. Calibers will be limited to 45ACP, 40S&W and 9mm Parabellum. Initial units are in process now but it will take some time to have them ready for exposure so please keep checking back as the 'PISTOLS 2023' drop down list expands.

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