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This site is formatted to show best on current and up to date computer displays with high resolution settings and 16:9 aspect ratio's. There may be certain features of this site that are either not visible, are rearranged or may not work at all on an iPad, tablet or other mobile devices. There is an imbedded version of this site that is mobile device friendly and most features will display well on current cell phones. Known issues including content limitation with iPads, other tablets and to a lesser extent MacBooks and other laptop computers.

We have done as much as possible up to this point to ensure compatibility with the greatest cross section of devices and web browsers. If you are using a device or web browser that makes a haggis of our web site please drop us a note so that we can try to deal with that.


New Orders

Over a total of 30 odd years, Pistol Dynamics has operated as a true one-off custom gunshop providing a very traditional service that suited our exclusive customer base quite well.


However, our company was born  out of a time when waiting for extended periods for a handmade custom 1911 was very much accepted by enthusiasts and collectors and custom gun builders were afforded the latitude to apply their trade. 

In today's fast paced environment, the "Absolute Custom"  business model is dying concept and cannot sustain, therefore we need to adjust with the times. As of the 2020 we will be implementing a revised business  model with a complementary and more concise product line.


All current orders entered prior to January 1, 2020 will be completed with no change to procedures and policies.  Our new product offering from that date forward will continue to be scratch built but more defined, less time burdensome and hopefully more palatable to changing customer expectations.


The trade off unfortunately will be that certain previously available options,  Liebenberg Signature models and all heirloom projects will be discontinued. We will be announcing details closer to that time, suffice to say that up and til that point we are suspending new orders for one-off handmade custom handguns except in very special circumstances. We will have more on this here and on our blog as time goes by.   


FAQ's will be updated as we identify them and on a continuous basis. Please check back periodically.

  • What is the best way to contact you?
    The best way to contact us is by email. Please do not text us. If you should elect to call, please make sure to leave a message. If you fail to do so the system could tag your number as possible scam or robo and your number could be permantly blocked. If you choose to send an email please make sure that you are not sending it to any kind of yahoo account. The only active email for this business at this time is Be aware that we have only one person managing incomming mail and phone calls and it may take a while to get back to you.
  • Can I vist the shop?
    Yes you can. Our shop access guidlines have not changed and are the same as they have been for the last 20 years. You can learn about them on the file share page (here)
  • Where can I find info on your policies?
    Our policy information is located on the'File Share' page or you can click on the 'User Guide' button on the home page it it will take you to the relevent file sharing page. The files are in downloadable PDF format or you can click on them and read them online.
  • How do I order a rifle?
    Formula_F Rifles are built to completion except for 'adjustables' such as LOP and trigger weights etc. We will only be accepting orders on rifles that are complete and are availble for immediate sale. Calibers are F-Class specific and focus on 308 and .284. While the rifles are quoted and sold without optics, we will offer an optics solution should the customer require it. When rifles become available, they will be showcased on this site under "New Products".
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