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Important Announcement!

PD Products LLC and Pistol Dynamics are currently in the process of finalizing our business transition to include new blood and a significantly revised product line. Paul has had the pleasure of training Gary Juhl as his ultimate successor over the past eight years. Gary initiated his gun building adventure as a highly skilled craftsman in his own right, and has served a long and detailed apprenticeship. He is now ready to take on a key role in guiding the company on a new trajectory. As part of this revision, Pistol Dynamics will not be accepting (bespoke) one-off, hand-built custom gun orders, instead producing ultra high-quality, turn-key pistols and products left in the white and made available for sale at time of completion. The ultimate owner will then have the ability to chose from an equally concise menu of features, accessories and finishes to be added to the final product.

Paul’s involvement going forward will be to assist in facilitating that transition while remaining as a technical resource to PD Products. He will continue the completion of all remaining handmade custom orders committed to before January 1, 2023. He will also continue as a technical support for Gary while retaining ownership of the Pistol Dynamics brand. The company will provide post-delivery service and support for product previously delivered within the confines of its ability, availability of components, raw materials, vendor services, etc.

Paul, as an independent entity, will build 1911 pistols of his own taste as time allows, and showcase them on a separate set of pages on the Pistol Dynamics website when complete. Most, if not all, will be ‘Signature’ grade and could be literally anything in any caliber. He will also continue to build turn-key match rifles for high Power rifle competition.

The two complementary build philosophies will cross-pollinate but not integrate.

In addition to the above Paul, as a leading authority on vintage Pachmayr pistols, will offer a formal restoration and upgrade service for Pachmayr ‘Combat Special’, ‘Signature Models’, and other less common Pachmayr handguns built and delivered before 1987. Details of this service will be made available once that page goes live.

Further, Marie is no longer working full-time in support of PD Products LLC or Pistol Dynamics. Her function is strictly part-time going forward, with the intent to hand off administrative duties to a well-qualified individual. She will continue to assist in management of the business side of Pistol Dynamics in a limited capacity until a position is made permanent.

With that being said, she will not be available by phone on demand but will continue to monitor phone and email messages. All correspondence will be generated electronically utilizing the PD Products Proton email, and phone calls will be scheduled through that medium. Should existing customers wish to talk directly to Marie, please request a phone call through the company Proton mail ( account and include your best available time during the day (EST). She will get back to you expeditiously. Alternatively, you are welcome to leave a message at the PD Products business line and leave the same information. This will reduce phone tag and increase communication efficacy. Thank you.



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