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About Pistol Dynamics

Pistol Dynamics is a dedicated performance handgun manufacturer showcasing the designs and custom pistols of Paul Liebenberg. We also offer scratch built Match Rifles by Paul's Formula-F rifle division. We cater to enthusiasts, collectors, competition shooters, professionals and individuals who appreciate precisely built firearms. Paul continually strives to advance the design, features and performance of product based on his proprietary 1911 chassis as well as offering exclusive custom work on select production based pistolsHowever, we understand the effects of changing times and that we need to adjust for that. We are making significant changes to our product line and business model during 2020. Details will be posted on this site so please keep checking our info page and blog.  

Important Message!

Welcome to our new web site! Please note that the site is very much in a construction phase and a number of pages, features and functions are yet to be uploaded. Due to the myriad of devices in use today it's extremely difficult to generate a web site that is totally cross compatible. Please check our INFO page (here) or blog (here) regularly for system requirements and compatibility as well as news and customer updates.


We have recently enhanced our web presence and security to combat the growing scourge of cyber crime. This includes further limiting and protecting our presence on the internet. All critical data and customer information continues to be stored off-line and on systems not connected to the internet.   


PD Products LLC has one contact phone number, one email address, one mailing address; all of which are listed below. Marie Liebenberg is the point of contact, and with that in mind please do not expect an instantaneous response to your voice and emails. We are not manned with an army of customer service reps.  In lockstep with our historical policy we will not have a presence on any form of social media, forum or facebook. Any and all information regarding PD Products and Pistol Dynamics is available on this website and our blog.

 We continue to be very proactive on firearms safety and our User Guide is an excellent starting point. Although the 'Guide' was designed specifically for Pistol Dynamics handguns most of the do's and don'ts apply across the board with respect to handgun safety. Please familiarize yourself with this document before ordering or firing your newly acquired Pistol Dynamics handgun. 


Please note that all content, images and text, are a copyright of PD Products LLC and may not be downloaded or otherwise used in any manner or form without the express written permission of PD Products LLC.



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Tel: 321.733.1266


Please use the 'protonmail' address above when contacting us by email. The 'Question' and 'Submit' form to the right is for general enquiries only.



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