Update from Paul - 2/3/2020

To PD Products/Pistol Dynamics Customers:

Because of ‘life changing’ occurrences of 2019 specifically as it relates to the disruptions caused by an egregious cyber attack on PD Products LLC and Pistol Dynamics, together with a second, more destructive and malicious on-line attack on my wife and me personally on forums such as 1911 Addicts, the company has to reevaluate it’s future as a supplier of custom guns and any involvement in the gun industry as a whole.

The company’s commitment to current in-house customers remains firm and resolute but we have had to make some changes. These changes include having to carefully re-map what work remains to be completed and how to get there in the most efficient and effective manner. The number of remaining units to be completed is not unmanageable assuming I’m left free to do them.

We are focusing on current in-house orders. I am not accepting any new one-off Signature handguns or Heirloom projects through PD Products/Pistol Dynamics until this backlog is complete and could discontinue that service entirely in the future.

The intent now is to prioritize completing all projects currently in house as well as other associated matters. I am fully committed to these efforts and it means more full days, weeks and months ahead and you as a Pistol Dynamics customer can help by keeping me ‘on the bench’.

There is no short cut to hand making a 1911 pistol. I will not deviate from what it takes to make this functioning piece of art and my commitment to it is as unwavering as it was when I started in this industry almost 45 years ago - no matter what you read on the Internet.

To those who have supported my family and me through these difficult times, I thank you.


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