Auxiliary Pre-Set Ignition Systems

Pre-Set Ignition Systems:

Pistol Dynamics offers two Pre-Set Ignition Systems as a service pack to all Scout pistols:


Includes pre-set and tested, Hammer, Sear and Disconnector.


Includes Hammer, Sear, Disconnector, Sear Spring, Balanced Main Spring, Balanced Firing Pin Spring and Balanced Recoil Spring.

Both systems are factory set and tested to your newly acquired Pistol Dynamics handgun at time of delivery, or pre-set in a ‘slave’ pistol prior to shipping if the host pistol is not available and the ignition systems are purchased at a later date.

These ignition sets are offered to cover an unlikely instance of the pistol experiencing an ignition failure in the field or remote location where technical service by an armorer may not be available.

Should an ignition system fail in the field both the Basic and Expanded system should be changed out in their entirety. It is imperative that the parts are not mixed and matched between components of the original trigger group. That is to say that if a hammer or sear should fail, all three components of the basic system should be changed out in the case of the basic group and all components from the expanded system.

The Expanded Service Pack is designed as a high round count extended use service pack that requires all components within that pack to be changed out, including the ignition system and all springs. The spring set accompanying the ignition system is balanced to the caliber, slide stroke and estimated slide velocity of your particular pistol. If you change out one spring all others should be included. Further, you cannot rely on a component set intended for 45ACP to operate efficiently in a 9mm and vice versa, etc. The Expanded Ignition System is caliber specific.

With that said, it is likely that the original system delivered in the pistol will last tens of thousands of rounds, including the recoil spring with proper use and care. (Proper use and care of the 1911 is covered in our User Guide available here. There is a common misconception that a recoil spring should be changed out every 2500 rounds. This may have held good many years ago but current spring technology has advanced to such a degree that quality springs intended for firearm use can last well over 50,000 rounds in a 1911. The springs used in Pistol Dynamics handguns are of the highest quality. We recommend that you do not change recoil springs without a clear reason for doing so.

In the case of the balanced sear spring included in the Expanded Ignition Set it is paramount that the three leafs of the spring are not adjusted, reset or accidentally tweaked. This is the only component in the Expanded Service Pack that can easily go out of tune. Keep this component separate from other parts and free of any pressure that might inadvertently ‘adjust’ the tension to any or all three leafs of the spring.

Finally, unless you have received training on the 1911 pistol past field strip, we recommend that a trained armorer perform any and all ignition adjustments and replacements. If you expect that you might be stranded under any circumstance when needing pistol service it would behoove you to sign up for a 1911 armorers course with a qualified instructor to account for that potential. Never accept instruction from anyone who cannot prove his or her own qualification on the subject.


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