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"My exposure to the Combat Special has lead me to believe that serious 1911 collectors should strive to include a quality example of the pistol in their inventory. Unfortunately, because the of passage of time it's extremely difficult to find a prime original examples of Pachmayr pistols. Many are either in poor condition or have been modified at the cost of originality. Some are very basic versions of the mark with key features having been forfeited at the time of initial build that detracts from value.

This service offers to rectify those malady's through restoration, and or, upgrades on original weapons that are viable. In the near future I will be offering some guidance as to what those parameters may be and when it may or may not be prudent to restore or alter the weapon. Either way, we are fortunate to have all the tooling, fixtures and original components to put most Pachmayr pistols back to factory specification, or as was the case with the pistol below, to upgrade them when key Combat Special features are lacking. "

Pachmayr Restorations

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